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  • frau_v 11:25 pm on June 15, 2015 Permalink | Flag unresolved

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      gibt es eine Möglichkeit das Header Bild im ubud Theme mittig/zentriert anzuzeigen?
      Könnt ihr mir einen Hinweis geben was ich anpassen muss?
      Danke und Grüße

      • Marc (Support-Team) 7:16 pm on June 16, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hallo Heike,

        dieser CSS-Code sollte das Bild zentrieren:

        #site-header img {
        	display: block;
        	margin: auto;

        Viele Grüße

    • Annav0ig 7:12 pm on June 4, 2015 Permalink | Flag unresolved

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        I purchased the theme Onigiri to build my portfolio. I’m uploading example images just to understant how it will display my work.


        The theme is simple and nice, I have a problem though: the logo on top in always centered with the width of my browser window,

        the content (the group of thumbnails) instead is on the left side and sometimes my logo doesn’t look centered with it.

        http://uploadpie.com/ALLaP (white gap on the right)

        Is it possible to centre the content and always have the logo centered with the thumbnails?

        Thank you for the help,


      • Fakolipo 11:16 am on May 19, 2015 Permalink | Flag unresolved

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          I would like the “Published by…” caption to appear above the post title – is that possible? And how do I do it?
          And if I can get the date that appears at the end of every post to be in the same line as the “Published by…”, it would be great. I just can’t seem to figure it out.

          What I really want is for it to say “19.05.15 Stephanie de Serene d’Acqueria Lau” centered just above the title “ALL MESSED UP”. You will see what I’m talking about if you visit my site: http://regnbuensende.dk/

          I hope that one of you can help me, seeing as I’ve been trying for so long to make it work now…

          Best regards!

          • Marc (Support-Team) 3:03 pm on May 21, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply


            please understand that we cannot provide help for theme customizations in the forum. To move the elements like the author or the date you can adjust the themes content.php file. It might be a little work to understand the code, but with trial and error you should be able to achieve the result you are looking for.

            To prevent losing your changes in case of a theme update, I strongly recommend using a child theme. A prepared child theme folder is linked in the documentation. After installing the child theme you can copy all files you want to adjust into the child theme folder and implement your changes there. WordPress uses the child theme files if available, otherwise it falls back to the original files within the parent theme folder.


        • HDValentin 10:10 pm on May 3, 2015 Permalink | Resolved
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            10:11 pm on May 3, 2015

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          Pohutukawa -Bild zentrieren 

          Füge ich ein Bild in einen Beitrag ein und gebe an, dass es zentriert dargestellt werden soll, funktioniert das nicht.
          Rechts- und linksbündig angeordnete Fotos gehen einwandfrei.
          Beispiel: http://chillr.de/das-gesicht/

          Wen ich wie hier empfohlen das “width: auto !important;” bei “#content .wp-caption {” auskommentiere wird das Bild korrekt dargestellt.

          Nebeneinander dargestellte Bilder wie im folgenden Beispiel werden dann aber untereinander dargestellt:

          • Ellen (Support-Team) 9:18 am on May 7, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Hallo Valentin,
            könntest du einmal als erstes Workaround ausprobieren, diesen CSS-Schnipsel zu nutzen:

            #content .wp-caption {
              text-align: center;

            Viele Grüße,

          • Ellen (Support-Team) 9:19 am on May 7, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Ich werde das aber in Kürze auch noch einmal in einem kleinen Update überarbeiten.
            Viele Grüße, Ellen

          • HDValentin 10:22 am on March 27, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Ist das in ein Update eingeflossen? @ellen

        • mariedebeaucourt 12:55 pm on August 1, 2014 Permalink | Flag unresolved

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            Hi Ellen,
            I would like to center my header image in the page, how do I do that?
            Thank you for your help :)

          • Ali Darweesh 4:21 pm on August 2, 2013 Permalink | Flag unresolved

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              Hello all

              I would like to centre the gallery on the page, especially when there one or two images (the thumbnails I mean in this case) in the gallery.

              • Marc Jandt 6:25 pm on August 2, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

                Which Theme are you using? I can take a look (as I’m unhappy with this behavior as well :D).

                • Marc Jandt 8:17 pm on August 2, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

                  Sorry, 35° celsius make me overlook things :) The following CSS works for me:

                  .gallery {
                  	text-align: center;
                  .gallery .gallery-item {
                  	display: inline-block;
                  	float: none !important;

                  Seems to work in all display resolutions.


              • Ali Darweesh 10:14 pm on August 2, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

                Thanks a lot, Marc. Oita is my theme, and here in Dubai it is about 45 degrees celsius! It’s true.
                Should this go in the style.css in the theme folder? and if yes, where please?
                thanks in advance

                • Marc Jandt 11:33 pm on August 2, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

                  This should go in the style.css of your child theme. You can download the child theme for Oita here: http://www.elmastudio.de/wp-content/uploads/themes/oita/oitachildthemefolder.zip
                  Just install the child theme parallel to your Oita theme and activate it. Maybe you have to set some theme settings again.
                  In the child theme you can overwrite anything from the Oita theme, but if it comes to an update of the Oita theme, you don’t lose your changes.

                  You can put these lines in the CSS section of your theme options as well, much less effort, but for more changes I would clearly recommend the option above.


            • Gail 12:01 am on June 7, 2013 Permalink | Flag unresolved

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                I would like to use an image header in the Oita theme. The problem I am having is that I can’t get it to center in larger screen sizes without making it look huge. I don’t want a simple icon image. I want a full-width header image. This is what I had in mind, but it looks too big on most larger screens and on the largest screen sizes it becomes off-center. If I make it smaller, it becomes too small on small-screen devices.

                Ellen, can you give me some advice? Or is there a way to change the theme so that it automatically centers header images? Thanks in advance!


              • KranzKrone 12:50 am on May 23, 2013 Permalink | Flag unresolved

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                  Tatami Single-Column Layout? 


                  ich probiere aktuell das Tatami als “Single-Column” Layout hin zu bekommen und sofern ich die “rechte Sidebar” nicht nutze sowie die “linke Sidebar” aus der “header.php” entferne funktioniert das auch. Nur dann ist der komplette Content-Container komplett nach links am Bildrand verrückt und ich habe bisher NICHT herausfinden können WO ich da ansetzten muss um das wieder ZENTRIERT zu bekommen oder dergleichen.

                  Jemand eine Idee welche Zeilen in der CSS da für zu ändern wären?

                  Weil das Tatami als Single-Column Layout wäre schon schön, da es dann einen ähnlichen Stil wie das KeriKeri hat.

                  • Jochen 9:06 pm on August 31, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

                    Hallo KranzKrone,

                    hast du auf deinen post eine Antwort bekommen?

                    Oder hast du inzwischen dafür eine Lösung gefunden?

                    Mich interessiert auch diese Möglichkeit im Tatami.

                    Grüße von Jochen Strehler

                • changenow 4:37 pm on January 16, 2013 Permalink | Flag unresolved

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                    Baylys No Sidebar Page Theme zentrieren 

                    Huhu! :-)

                    Ich habe mir ein 2. Vorlage (nosidebar2.php) angelegt, in der ich auf folgendes CSS zurückgreife:

                    .nosidebar2 {
                    float:none !important;
                    margin:0 auto;

                    Nur leider hilft das nicht dabei, den Content unter dem Mittelstrich zu zentrieren, sondern er beginnt immer links bündig mit dem Strich.

                    Hat jemand eine Idee?

                    Das wäre wundervoll! :-)

                    Danke und liebe Grüße,

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