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  • oryano 6:15 am on July 19, 2016 Permalink | Flag unresolved
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      6:16 am on July 19, 2016
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      6:16 am on July 19, 2016
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      6:16 am on July 19, 2016

    Tags: categories, ,   

    Renkon, put categories in visible place 

    Hello all,

    I’m using Renkon theme for a long time and would like to have the categories in a more visible place then the side menu. I was wondering if there is an option to have the categories visible on top, or at the footer or even at an open side bar.

    I know thats not exactly how the theme was meant to work but was hoping for some solution. One possible solution I have in mind is to make a post that is linked to a filtered view of that category. An example will be a post with the name “flowers” that points to a link of the category “Flowers” – is that possible?

    I also am not able to delete categories I no longer use.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    • Marc (Support-Team) 2:51 pm on July 19, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi @oryano,

      you can register another menu position and place it in the header for example. Please understand that we cannot provide help for individual customizations in the forum, but the general WordPress forum can help with the general code to register a new menu and place it within your theme’s header.php.

      To link a post directly to a category page, you can use URL rewriting. Maybe there is a plugin available which can help. You can get further answers regarding this matter in the general WordPress forum as well.

      Since deleting categories is a general WordPress functionality, the forum mentioned above would be the best contact. Generally please try to deactivate all plugins, make sure your WordPress installation is up to date and then try again if something isn’t working anymore.


    • oryano 6:19 pm on July 20, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi Marc!
      Thank you for writing back – this was actually very helpful.
      I have one issue with the themes off-canvas-nav class. I was able to create my own menu in the header and added some css, but the theme has a state for larger screens (@media min-width 1400) where the header becomes fixed rather then a part of the scrollable page, in that state my menu stops being clickable..
      My new wp_nav_menu menu is located with in the tag (line40 in header.php) after the sidebar-item span.

      any idea how to make it always clickable?
      here is a link to my website oryano.com


      • oryano 6:24 pm on July 20, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I just found a work around putting my wp_nav_menu in the title rather then the header.

        Thank you!!!

  • steeth 12:12 pm on April 20, 2016 Permalink | Resolved
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      1:01 pm on April 20, 2016
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      1:01 pm on April 20, 2016

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    THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED I don’t know how… 

    THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED – I don’t know how to delete

    Hi, can I have a sepcific category displayed on the Ubud homepage?

    I want to use my site as a portfolio and a blog. I do not want my blog posts to appear on the front page. I want artworks to be displayed as a selection of portfolio items.

  • realitaetsbewusst.de 3:44 pm on May 19, 2015 Permalink | Flag unresolved

      Tags: , categories, ,   

      Hallo Ihr Lieben,

      ist es irgendwie möglich, auf Kategorie-Seiten mehr Inhalt der einzelnen Beiträge zu sehen? Mich würde interessieren, wie es aussieht, wenn die Einträge komplett angezeigt werden würden, wie auch auf der Startseite; aber vielleicht kann man ja auch als zweite Möglichkeit einen bestimmten Prozentsatz oder eine Wortzahl definieren, die insgesamt angezeigt werden soll? Ist mir gerade ein bisschen zu kompakt. Wäre toll, wenn Ihr mir helfen könntet.

      • Marc (Support-Team) 3:10 pm on May 21, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply


        um die Beiträge vollständig anzuzeigen, kannst du in der content.php des Themes genau folgende Zeichen entfernen:

        is_archive() ||

        Bei Änderungen an Theme-Dateien empfehle ich dir die Verwendung eines Child-Themes. Ein vorbereiteter Child-Theme-Ordner ist in der Dokumentation verlinkt. Nach dessen Installation kannst du die zu ändernde Datei z.B. mit Hilfe eines FTP-Programms in den Child-Theme-Ordner kopieren und dort anpassen. Ein Theme-Update, welches die Original-Dateien überschreibt, würde in diesem Fall deine Änderungen nicht überschreiben.

        In der functions.php des Themes findest du folgenden Code:

        function baylys_excerpt_length( $length ) {
        	return 35;
        add_filter( 'excerpt_length', 'baylys_excerpt_length' );

        Die 35 gibt die Wortanzahl, die in den Auszügen dargestellt werden, an. Diese könntest du ändern. Um oben genanntes Problem zu umgehen müsstest du jedoch im Falle der functions.php etwas komplexer an die Lösung herangehen. Weitere Informationen dazu findest du hier: https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes#Using_functions.php

        Viele Grüße

    • ourveganrevolution 2:56 am on April 1, 2015 Permalink | Flag unresolved

        Tags: categories, , ,   


        erstmal vielen Dank für das schöne Zuki Theme! :)

        1. Ich würde es gerne noch etwas anpassen und wollte wissen, ob es möglich ist, den Slider kleiner darzustellen und eventuell neben der Sidebar? Im Moment ist er so groß, dass man ihn überhaupt nicht auf einen Bildschirm bekommt, das erschlägt etwas.
        2. Ist es möglich, die Übersicht der Posts (wenn man auf eine Kategorie klickt) anders darzustellen? Im Moment ist es eine einfache Auflistung der Posts mit großem Feature-Bild. Ich würde gerne kleinere Snippets anzeigen lassen, so wie die Recent Posts Widgets.

        Ich hoffe es kann mir jemand weiterhelfen! ;)
        Vielen Dank,

        • Stephie 12:49 pm on April 19, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Das mit dem Slider hätte ich auch gern gewusst. Hast du inzwischen eine Lösung gefunden?

      • katerinabuscemi 4:53 pm on March 15, 2015 Permalink | Flag unresolved

          Tags: categories, , , ,   

          This is my blog blog.lexandliv.com
          I don’t even know WHERE to edit the html in wordpress, so please bare with me (and if you don’t mind explaining that in laymen’s terms, I’d be grateful).
          At the moment, I have a “front page” with a large featured post image at the top and several category subdivisions below. However, if someone wants to read more posts from each subdivision, how do I do this? I would like to add a “read more [category posts]” link beneath each set of thumbnails on the front page.
          Once I open the individual post, the featured image is full width but the images that follow are narrower. How do I make all the images the same width as the featured image?
          iI would also like to add my social media icons to the top right of the header (just as they are on the bottom)
          Thank you xx

          • Marc (Support-Team) 1:18 pm on March 17, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Hi Katerina,

            please understand that we cannot provide help for theme customizations in the forum.

            To add a custom link beneath the widgets on your front page, you need to adjust the widgets themselves. You can find the widget code in the widgets.php (subfolder “inc”). The widgets allow the use of multiple categories to display the latest post, please consider this, in case you want to add a function to display a link.

            By default the featured image above the rest of the content is being displayed with more width, the following CSS code reduces the width of the featured image, so it should be as wide as the following images:

            .entry-thumbnail {
                max-width: 680px;
                padding-left: 40px;

            The other way around, i.e. increasing the width of the following images, is quite more complex.

            You can place the social menu in the header menu position and use the following additional CSS code to convert it to social icons (quickly edited, please be aware, that there may be errors in this code):

            #footer-social-nav {
            	padding: 0 0 23px;
            #footer-social-nav ul {
            	display: inline-block;
            	overflow: hidden;
            	margin: 0;
            	padding: 0;
            #header-top-nav li,
            #footer-social-nav ul li {
            	display: inline-block;
            	margin: 0;
            	padding: 0 3px 10px;
            	list-style: none;
            #header-top-nav li a,
            #footer-social-nav ul li a {
            	display: block;
            	padding: 0;
            	margin: 0;
            	line-height: 1;
            	text-align: center;
            	overflow: hidden;
            #header-top-nav li a,
            #footer-social-nav ul li a {
            	width: 30px;
            	height: 30px;
            	font-size: 16px;
            	font-size: 1rem;
            	color: #fff;
            	text-align: center;
            	background: #191919;
            	-webkit-border-radius: 50%;
            	   -moz-border-radius: 50%;
            	   	 	border-radius: 50%;
            #header-top-nav ul li a:before,
            #footer-social-nav ul li a:before {
            	display: inline-block;
            	width: 30px;
            	height: 30px;
            	-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
            	vertical-align: top;
            	visibility: visible;
            #header-top-nav .menu li a::before,
            #footer-social-nav ul li a::before {
            	font: normal 16px/1 'Genericons';
            	padding: 7px 0 0 0;
            	text-align: center;
            #header-top-nav .menu li a::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a::before { content: '\f408';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="codepen.io"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="codepen.io"]::before      {content: '\f216';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="digg.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="digg.com"]::before        {content: '\f221';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="dropbox.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="dropbox.com"]::before     {content: '\f225';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="facebook.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="facebook.com"]::before    {content: '\f204';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="flickr.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="flickr.com"]::before    {content: '\f211';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="plus.google.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="plus.google.com"]::before {content: '\f218';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="github.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="github.com"]::before      {content: '\f200';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="instagram.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="instagram.com"]::before   {content: '\f215';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="linkedin.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="linkedin.com"]::before    {content: '\f208';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="pinterest.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="pinterest.com"]::before  {content: '\f210';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="path.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="path.com"]::before	   {content: '\f219';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="dribbble.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="dribbble.com"]::before    {content: '\f201';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="polldaddy.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="polldaddy.com"]::before   {content: '\f217';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="getpocket.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="getpocket.com"]::before   {content: '\f224';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="reddit.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="reddit.com"]::before      {content: '\f222';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="skype.com"]::before,
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="skype:"]::before,
            #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="skype.com"]::before,
            #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="skype:"]::before          {content: '\f220';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="stumbleupon.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="stumbleupon.com"]::before {content: '\f223';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="tumblr.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="tumblr.com"]::before     {content: '\f214';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="twitter.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="twitter.com"]::before      {content: '\f202';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="vimeo.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="vimeo.com"]::before       {content: '\f212';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="youtube.com"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="youtube.com"]::before       {content: '\f213';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="wordpress.org"]::before,
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="wordpress.com"]::before,
            #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="wordpress.org"]::before,
            #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="wordpress.com"]::before  {content: '\f205';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="feed"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="feed"]::before     	   {content: '\f413';}
            #header-top-nav .menu li a[href*="mailto"]::before, #footer-social-nav ul li a[href*="mailto"]::before    {content: '\f410';}


        • TimW 4:49 pm on August 12, 2013 Permalink | Flag unresolved

            Tags: categories, , menues, structure,   

            Hi. I’m using Yoko and the menus have stopped functioning as before. Up until now, I could add categories and then drag and drop them and even indent them to create the menu structure. It was very easy and great. Now, I can add categories to the list but I can not drag the new items to a new location or indent items. Does anyone else have this issue or have a suggestion on how to fix it?

            • TimW 5:24 pm on August 14, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

              This turned out to be a conflict with the !Share plug-in from Cunjo. When the plug-in is disabled, Yoko works perfectly.

          • jon 9:20 pm on July 3, 2013 Permalink | Flag unresolved

              Tags: , categories,   

              Baylys – how to add several categories portfolio 

              Hi guys, first off a big up for your work, awesome!

              I have two questions; I’m currently working on Baylys and I’m wondering if is possible to add more categories portfolios so I will have for example:

              Portfolio 1 (category A) – Portfolio 2 (category B) – Portfolio 3 (category C) …

              is this possible?

              Also I noticed that my images gets pretty blurred when I go full width on responsive slider, can I manage compression and quality somehow?

              Thanks a million

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