Zuki theme: practical questions 

Hi guys,

Sorry if the questions have already been asked but I cannot find anything in English.

I would like to know:

1- how to center my logo at the top?
2- how to have featured images portrait format on the homepage? mine stays landscapes.
3- in the footer, on your example page you have an about section on the left, how did you do to have a small space between the photo and the text, I entered mine in the caption of the picture but its all in one block…
4- how to remove the Filed under: / Tagged with: at the end of each post?
5- how to delete page titles? I would like them not to appear.
6- would it be possible for the photos to occupy more space in posts? for example my last article (http://vio-vadrouille.com/au-wetland-park-du-vert-et-des-petites-betes/) or even the others, photos are displayed in small while they are big format…

Thank you!