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  • violaine.malie 3:48 pm on August 29, 2017 Permalink | Flag unresolved


      Werkstatt: front page issue 

      Hi there!

      I am trying to install the theme werkstatt and so far everything went well, however, I cannot manage to have the featured images horizontal on the home page, they just go under the intro text.

      Any idea what settings could be wrong?



    • violaine.malie 9:23 pm on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Unresolved
      • Ellen (Support-Team) marked this unresolved
        12:45 am on August 25, 2016

      Hello I have recently purchased the new theme… 

      I have recently purchased the new theme Uku, I have installed it on my wordpress but when I activate the theme, i get this error message:

      Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_custom_logo() in /homepages/26/d522366862/htdocs/untrekunefille/wp-content/themes/uku/header.php on line 41

      Any idea what might cause this? I have a logo at the moment at the top of my website, could it be why? Is there anyway i can keep the logo in UKU theme at the top of the website?

      Thank you!

      • Ellen (Support-Team) 12:45 am on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hi Violaine,

        Could it be that you are not using the latest WordPress version 4.6 (it should? Could you maybe check this in your admin area? It should be at least WordPress 4.5 (this is needed for the “has_custom_logo” function to work, which is mentioned in the error message).

        If you already use the latest version please let me know again, I’m sure we can fix the issue asap.
        Best, Ellen

      • violaine.malie 10:29 am on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hi Ellen!

        It worked! Indeed my wordpress version was not updated.
        Now, I am working on the installation of the theme but I have a few questions/issues:

        1/ In every posts/articles, my blog sidebar doesn’t appear while I have added widget in the blog sidebar section;
        2/ In posts/articles at the very end, in the “Related” part for related articles, pictures don’t appear, just the title of the articles;
        3/ Is there a way to make my logo bigger at the top of the website? I have downloaded a wide picture but logo stays small;
        4/ How do you set up the option “Big Image” for single blog post?

        The website is:

        Thank you!

        • Marc (Support-Team) 2:24 pm on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Hi Violaine,

          1) please check your Sidebar Position setting at Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> General.
          2) Do you know which plugin provides the related posts? Please check its settings, if it is able to provide images at all.
          3) Unfortunately Uku’s logo size is limited by default. You’d need to adjust the theme code in order to be able to use a bigger logo image. If you are going to apply changes to theme, please consider using a child theme in order to prevent future updates from overwriting your changes. A prepared child theme is linked in the Uku documentation.
          4) This can be done by adding a custom field. Please take a look at the Uku documentation.


          • violaine.malie 3:19 pm on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Hi Marc,
            Thanks for your reply.
            1/ I have sorted this out, thank you!
            2/ I don’t have any plugin for related post at the moment, I suppose that’s why I cannot see the picture. Do you recommend any ? Maybe the one you use for the demo version?
            3/ I will have a look into this then!
            4/ I cannot find the “Custom field” window in my post platform for the Big Image, could you indicate me where to find it please?

            Thank you,


            • Marc (Support-Team) 3:35 pm on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

              Hi Violaine,

              2) the demo shows the related posts, provided by the Jetpack plugin. Many options of Uku require the Jetpack plugin. You can activate this feature in your dashboard at Jetpack -> Settings -> Related Posts.

              4) Please click on “Screen Options” on the top right and check the box in front of “Custom Fields”.


              • violaine.malie 4:41 pm on August 25, 2016 Permalink

                Hi Marc,

                Super, I have solved everything! :D Thanks a lot for your help!

                I have a last question for you for now :) If I was to increase the logo size on the regular (not child) theme, what should I add/remove in the code?

                Thank you!

              • Marc (Support-Team) 8:14 am on August 26, 2016 Permalink

                Hi Violaine,

                you can find the responsible code in Uku’s functions.php file below the following comment:

                	// Enable support for custom logo.

                You can replace the values for width and height, but please keep in mind, that you’ll lose your changes in case of a theme update. After changing the settings, you can upload a new image and WordPress will allow the logo image to be in that size.

                Please be aware that, depending on your logos size, you may need to adjust the CSS code as well.


    • violaine.malie 1:23 pm on April 11, 2016 Permalink | Flag unresolved

        Zuki Theme 

        Hi there,

        Thanks for your previous answer to my questions.

        I have an issue with the picture display on mobile and tablet. Pictures are very small compare to the text, anyway to change that?

        Also, I don’t know if it is possible but there are 2 thing I am trying to change 2 things:

        1/ Is there a way to change the display of archives? In all my categories of the blog, the layout display of articles is as a list with a big photo and an extract. Is there a way to make it a grid of articles instead to have a better view of all articles in this category?

        2/ I have a selected a grey background color for the widget like you have on your demo widget (“behind the scene”). Is the grey color applicable to all widget with background or can I change the color for another one? I’d like to use 2 colors.

        Thank you!

        Have a good day,



        • Marc (Support-Team) 1:25 pm on April 18, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Hi Violaine,

          can you provide a link to your website or some screenshots showing the problem?

          1) This is generally possible, but requires quite a bit of custom CSS code. Here is an example for two columns on archive pages like category pages:

          @media screen and (min-width: 1260px) {
          	.archive .site-content .post {
          		width: 50%;
          		float: left;
          		clear: none;
          		padding: 10px;

          2) To use different background colors for your widgets, you need to use additional custom CSS code. Please check the source code of your front page (right click) and lookup the widget ID by searching for the string “zuki_recentposts_color”. The following example code will change the background color for ID 2:

          #zuki_recentposts_color-2 .bg-wrap {
          	background: #ff0000;

          Please understand that we cannot provide help for individual customizations in the forum.


          • violaine.malie 1:10 pm on May 10, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Good morning Marc,

            Thank you for your reply. I have fixed my issue with the size of the picture on tablet.

            I have another question for you but I don’t know if that comes with the theme or not.
            I would like to have one specific article/post in full width (without the widget sidebar), is it possible to apply this to one particular post?

            Thanks a lot!

      • violaine.malie 6:49 pm on February 28, 2016 Permalink | Flag unresolved


          Zuki theme: practical questions 

          Hi guys,

          Sorry if the questions have already been asked but I cannot find anything in English.

          I would like to know:

          1- how to center my logo at the top?
          2- how to have featured images portrait format on the homepage? mine stays landscapes.
          3- in the footer, on your example page you have an about section on the left, how did you do to have a small space between the photo and the text, I entered mine in the caption of the picture but its all in one block…
          4- how to remove the Filed under: / Tagged with: at the end of each post?
          5- how to delete page titles? I would like them not to appear.
          6- would it be possible for the photos to occupy more space in posts? for example my last article (http://vio-vadrouille.com/au-wetland-park-du-vert-et-des-petites-betes/) or even the others, photos are displayed in small while they are big format…

          Thank you!

          • Marc (Support-Team) 8:33 am on March 3, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Hi @violaine-malie,

            1) the following additional CSS code should work with a logo in the recommended size and with a deactivated header top menu (just don’t assign any menu to this menu location):

            @media screen and (min-width: 1260px) {
                #site-title {
                    float: none !important;
                    margin: auto;

            2) Unfortunately the widgets on the front page use different prepared image sizes. You can change these in your themes functions.php. I strongly recommend to use a child theme for theme file modification, since a theme update would overwrite your changes. More info on child themes and the special treatment of the functions.php: https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes
            A prepared child theme directory is linked in Zukis documentation.

            3) You can use a text widget and add HTML code to it. The following code is being used on the theme demo:

            <img width="432" height="432" src="http://themes.elmastudio.de/zuki/files/2014/07/ellen-author.jpg" alt="Ellen" class="align-none" scale="0">
            <p>Zuki is a responsive, minimal Magazine WordPress theme with a beautiful responsive design created by <a href="http://www.elmastudio.de/en/" target="_blank">Elmastudio</a>.</p>

            4) The following additional CSS code will hide the categories and tags at the end of each single post:

            .single-post .entry-meta .entry-cats, .single-post .entry-meta .entry-tags {
            	display: none;

            5) This code will hide the page titles:

            .page .entry-header h1.entry-title {
            	display: none;

            6) Maybe this code can widen your images:

            .entry-content img {
            	max-width: 760px;
            	width: auto;

            Please understand that we cannot provide support for individual customizations.


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