Full width questions on Zuki 

Hi team!

Thank you for the great themes; I just bought the entire bundle today. I have several questions on the Zuki theme and please pardon me as I am a newbie to CSS.

  • I managed to take away the side bar using one of the CSS codes you mentioned in the forum. However, is there any way to make my single blog posts and categories pages full-width? In particular, I am looking to have https://tyiusum.com/category/food/ and https://tyiusum.com/kinosaki-onsen-hyogo/ stretch across the whole screen (similar to the “about me” page) with larger images to showcase the photography.
  • Is there a way of retaining the side bar for the categories page, while removing the side bar for the single blog pages? The code I am using seems to eliminate both at once. This is the code that I took from the forum (thank you!):
    #blog-sidebar {
    display: none;
    @media screen and (min-width: 1400px) {
    .single-post #primary {
    float: initial;
    margin: auto;
  • What CSS should I look at to edit the font style and size of the primary menu?

Apologies for my many questions.Any help would be very much appreciated!!