Hawea, 404 in safari/firefox on OSX 


using WP4.7, and the latest Hawea with slider on a static front page I have a display problem with Safari (Chrome is fine).

The page displays ok, but it safari instead of the “hamburger menu” top left the menu items display along the top of the page – and inspecting the page I see the error:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404
and it’s complaining about the file ../wp-content/themes/hawea/js/jquery.viewportchecker.min.js.map

jquery.viewportchecker.min.js exists, but there’s no jquery.viewportchecker.min.js.map

I notice that there’s a reference to jquery.viewportchecker.min.js.map commented out at the end of js/jquery.viewportchecker.min.js

how can I sort this out?