i think about buying a theme
for natural health services
and i like your zuki
but I tought that it might be better to share with you first and

  • ask for a little expertise from you regarding what theme you would think to choose for that goal

I need to mix the news front page, with services and affordable plans, but also with a small ecommerce, forum place, and a library wich offer terms explained, terapies illness, etc.

1. my question is if I can easy add an ecommerce module for a small nr of supplement products
and here I found an example http://totaltheme.wpengine.com/healthcare/shop/ also i will need this with a choice for electronic card payments

(i am out of evaluating wich ecommerce module could be good or wrong)

2. also I need to add a forum place and to fast give medical answers
i saw here yours but here is the same question what would be to choose for this field of medical

Thank you