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  • Hands 8:39 am on April 15, 2017 Permalink | Flag unresolved


      Baylys header 

      I’m using Baylys theme.
      I’d like to add color to the header and widen it to the full browser.
      Could you tell me how to do it?

      Thank you.

      • Marc (Support-Team) 11:08 am on April 18, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply


        most browsers provide a tool to inspect the used CSS code of elements. Simply right click on an element and select “Inspect Element”, “Element Information” or else and the tool will open. It shows the used CSS and how to address the elements in custom code.

        The following additional CSS code could be a start for your customizations:

        @media screen and (min-width: 1300px) {
        	#header {
        		max-width: initial;
                background: #ff0000;


    • Hands 5:11 am on March 19, 2015 Permalink | Flag unresolved

        Tags: Baylys mobile margin   


        I use Baylys theme.
        I want to remove the left and right margins when it is displayed in smartphone.
        Please tell me a method.

        Thank you.

      • Hands 5:19 am on December 30, 2014 Permalink | Flag unresolved

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          Mobile display of Zuki theme there is a left and right margins.
          I want to display the full width only partly not the whole.
          Would you teach me how to do ?


          • Marc (Support-Team) 10:49 am on January 2, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply


            please understand that we cannot provide help for theme customizations in the forum.

            The whole content is encased in an element creating the margins both left and right. A possible way to achieve this: Remove the margins (actually it’s the padding property) and reset it for all the elements you want to be framed. This should be completely possible with CSS.


        • Hands 8:55 am on December 25, 2014 Permalink | Resolved
          • Ellen (Support-Team) marked this resolved
            1:53 am on December 27, 2014
          • Ellen (Support-Team) marked this unresolved
            1:53 am on December 27, 2014

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          Hi! Merry christmas.

          Regarding Zuki theme , I have three question .
          1. I want to display the page navigation(WP-PageNavi) to Recent Posts (Medium 1).

          2. I want to change the background color and text color of the footer .

          3.I want to change the display number of Recent Posts (Medium 1) in PC and mobile

          Thank you .

          • Ellen (Support-Team) 1:47 am on December 27, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Merry Christmas to you, too :)

            1. On the Zuki Front page there is no option for page navigations available (paginations are only available in the default blog). Instead the Front Page offers a selection of posts filtered by different topics/categories like it is common on online Magazines and news sites (e.g. The New York Times).

            2. You can include all standard WordPress widgets in the 5-column Footer widgets in Zuki (like you see it in the live demo). In the Footer credit text you can write anything you like. You can find the setting to change the credit text under Appearance / Customize / Theme.

            3. It’s not possible to change the number of posts according to the screen size. You can only set the number of posts once.

            Best, Ellen

            • Hands 5:21 am on December 28, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

              Hi! Ellen.

              Thank you for your advice!
              Well I have found .


        • Hands 5:33 pm on December 20, 2014 Permalink | Resolved
          • Ellen (Support-Team) marked this resolved
            2:28 am on December 27, 2014
          • Ellen (Support-Team) marked this unresolved
            2:27 am on December 27, 2014



          I’m using Zuki theme .
          I love this theme.

          I have three question regarding Zuki.
          1, How can I change the font size of primaryNavigation?
          2, How can I change the top and bottom margins of primaryNavigation?
          3, How can I place the blog title in the center?


          • Marc (Support-Team) 6:13 am on December 22, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply


            1. you can use the following CSS code to change the font size:
              @media screen and (min-width: 1260px) {
                  #site-nav ul li a {
              		font-size: 1rem;
              		font-size: 16px;

              You can use this calculator to find the correct rem-value: http://offroadcode.com/prototypes/rem-calculator/
              Here you can find help on adding custom CSS code: http://www.elmastudio.de/en/wordpress-en/custom-css-wordpress/

            2. You can adjust the following code to change the “margin”:
              @media screen and (min-width: 1260px) {
                  #site-nav {
                      padding: 56px 0 80px;
            3. Without a logo image and no header menu you can use this code to center the title:
              @media screen and (min-width: 1260px) {
              	#site-title {
              		float: none;
              		margin: auto;


          • Hands 7:26 am on December 24, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Hi Marc,
            Thanks for your reply.

            I was able to do No.3.
            I could not do No.1 and No.2, but I was able to cope by adjusting the style.css.

            Thanks a lot!

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