Custom link on android mobile not giving dropdown menu (Yoko theme) 


Apologies if I am doing something daft here (but I thought I had covered all bases to get it right!).

I am using a Yoko theme for my website – I have a number of custom links in my menu as I don’t want the main header option to be clickable, I just want users to select from my sub-menu. This works perfectly both on a laptop and on my ipad (I’ve got the custom link URL populated with a #).

However, I have just gone in to the site on my android mobile and, when I click on a custom link, the dropdown menu doesn’t appear and all that happens is that the address at the top of the page just turns to

Am I missing something obvious, or is the theme not geared up to work properly on an android phone? I’m not amazingly technical, so I know it could be me doing something wrong.
Thanks in advance.