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  • 8floz 10:56 pm on November 16, 2015 Permalink | Flag unresolved

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      Renkon Alignment, Comment Removal and Overlay Modification 

      Hello Ellen

      I love your themes and have used Renkon out of the box but need to tweak it for a different website.

      I am working on this website http://8floz.net/marconew/

      Can you please help me to resolve the following:

      1. In the Single Post page, the galleries and any image with a caption aligns left. How can I get it to align with the format of the Post page, i.e., centered?

      2. I would like to remove the “Comments are closed” and the dashes on the hover of the thumbnails (computer). I was able to remove the meta but can’t seem to find how to remove the comment blurb.

      3. On the thumbnails on tablet and phone, I would like to remove the overlay background and change the entry title color.

      Thanks so much!
      Lynn @8floz

      • Marc (Support-Team) 9:50 am on November 19, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hi Lynn,

        1) unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce this behavior. Can you post the link to a post, where the gallery / image is left aligned?

        2) Do you mean the dashes below the post title within the overlay? You can remove it by using the following additional CSS code:

        .entry-header h2.entry-title, .overlay .entry-header h2.entry-title {
        	background: initial;

        3) The following CSS code should do the trick. Maybe you need to reset these settings with a media query for the desktop view:

        .overlay .entry-header {
        	background: initial;
        .overlay .entry-header .entry-postformat a {
        	color: #fff;
        .overlay .entry-header .entry-title a {
        	color: #fff;


    • 8floz 1:41 am on September 14, 2015 Permalink | Resolved
      • Ellen (Support-Team) marked this resolved
        8:27 am on September 15, 2015
      • 8floz marked this unresolved
        1:45 am on September 14, 2015

      I can’t find anyway to do it! Sorry.

      • Ellen (Support-Team) 8:27 am on September 15, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hi there,

        you can use the original download link you got sent via email. If you have lost this link, no worries at all, just send me a short note and I will send it to you again.

        Best, Ellen

    • 8floz 10:50 pm on February 5, 2015 Permalink | Unresolved
      • 8floz marked this unresolved
        8:07 pm on February 20, 2015

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      Hi, I just switched a client’s site to the Moka theme as the previous one I was using was not responsive. Congrats on some beautiful templates btw! Bought your entire suite!

      My questions:

      1. I am using portfolios for this site and have put them under a “projects” page. I would like to display a few of them on the homepage as you have on your sample page. I have tried to add the Category widget to the front page and chose a portfolio category “gardens” but it asks for the cat id and I don’t see where these numbers are or how I can link it to the portfolios section. It is currently showing things tagged “projects”. Can you explain how to do this?

      2. I’d like to either edit the position of, or remove all together the “blog” posts (“inspiration” in this case) that show up on the front page. Is it possible to move it towards the bottom of the page? or can I remove it somehow?

      the site mockup is here http://8floz.net/marcosgoodgardens/

      Thanks for your help!

      • Ellen (Support-Team) 4:02 pm on February 9, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hi Lynn,
        thanks a lot for your feedback, I’m happy that you like our WordPress themes! Regarding your questions:

        1.) Unfortunately the Moka theme does not offer a portfolio option. Could you maybe link me to an example in the Moka live demo, of what you want to achieve?

        2.) You can set the number of posts to “0” under Appearance / Customize / Front Page / Recent Posts. Please let me know, if this is not solving the issue.

        Best, Ellen

        • 8floz 10:50 pm on February 17, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Sorry, I only just found your response!

          1. Should I change all the portfolio posts to regular posts and have them sorted by category? I’d like to show the projects on the homepage as in your Moka Homepage example (Artwork/Just my Life).

          Customize > Front Page Widgets > Recent Posts by Category >


          Number of posts, choose between 4, 8 or 12:

          Category ID numbers (to choose which categories to include): > Are there CAT ID #s? I have tried with just the category name but just shows all posts.

          2. Perfect!

          Thanks so much for your help!

      • 8floz 10:29 pm on February 17, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I haven’t heard back from you and was wondering if I missed something?

        Also, have another question: How do I remove the Featured Image from the top of the post in Portfolios?

        Thank you!

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