Hello I’m new to the Hawea theme I…


I’m new to the Hawea theme. I moved from a Zuki theme under wordpress.com to a Hawea theme self-hosted.
I’m quite lost to be honest :)

I can’t manage to see where I can custom the areas in the widgets page, like I used to with Zuki. I see Sidebar, Front Page Instagram and Footer. Is it correct ? There is no other area where I can place my posts ?
Is Front page Instagram only for Instagram or can I make some changes here ? Is it restricted like that ?
To show like 9 posts on the page, I used to custom it with Zuki in the widget areas (I had like “medium size articles” or “recent articles” and I could choose the number of posts I wanted to show, it was easy); but here, I managed to do it only in the settings…

Like my blog already existed and I just moved it, I’m also lost with the static page. When I want to edit that with a “home” page or whatever and the posts page with “blog”, well, everything disappear on the home page.

Also , I don’t manage to put the social links menu right, as I see on the demo. Could you help me please ?

So sorry for all these questions . Thank you a lot and sorry for my english, I’m french !