Einige Fragen über Werkstatt

Hi Elmastudio Team

I purchased Werkstatt on themeforest. Great theme !! Thank you !

I’ve installed the theme with homepage fullscreen segments.
I have several points I would like to change :
1) I would change the color of the menu and the title and the logo from black to white
2) I disabled the project navigation but still have a 1 – 1 at the bottom right of the home page. How can I get rid of it?
3) I would like bigger fonts for the menu
4) I do not want the search near the menu
5) for the mobile version, I would like the menu to be expanded at first
6) Is it possible to write text in the home page on top of the featured image ?
Here is the site :

Thank you very much for your help
Laurence Bichon