[Hawea] Product Categories section; adding amount of product category

I am customizing Hawea theme > product category section now. But I checked that you set only 5 categories li child. like this:

#front-cats ul.products li.product-category:nth-child(1)
#front-cats ul.products li.product-category:nth-child(2)
#front-cats ul.products li.product-category:nth-child(3)
#front-cats ul.products li.product-category:nth-child(4)
#front-cats ul.products li.product-category:nth-child(5)

So when I add one more category menu here: http://yves.kr/ it’s not stylized yet. I would like to make #front-cats ul.products li.product-category:nth-child(6) and more and also change styles.

Do you know where can I change and make them? I would like to know as soon as possible..

Many thanks!