Zuki Theme

Hi there,

Thanks for your previous answer to my questions.

I have an issue with the picture display on mobile and tablet. Pictures are very small compare to the text, anyway to change that?

Also, I don’t know if it is possible but there are 2 thing I am trying to change 2 things:

1/ Is there a way to change the display of archives? In all my categories of the blog, the layout display of articles is as a list with a big photo and an extract. Is there a way to make it a grid of articles instead to have a better view of all articles in this category?

2/ I have a selected a grey background color for the widget like you have on your demo widget (“behind the scene”). Is the grey color applicable to all widget with background or can I change the color for another one? I’d like to use 2 colors.

Thank you!

Have a good day,