Weta: setting portfolio

Hello Elmastudio

I finally have my website running on Weta theme! Such a nice versatile theme it is! i’m really enthusiastic for the day I set WooCommerce in it.

By the time there is something that I would like to share with you that I think would be a great theme improvement — portfolio support.

I formally had the website running on Onigiri and that thumbnail layout it’s so amazing that it’s a pity one can’t benefit it in this more complex theme like Weta.

It’s really an important tool for shops, projects and artists. In the case of my website I set a library page, a workshop page and a projects page and a recipe catalogue and it would make much more sense to have them as image thumbnails for projects.

I tried to set it with jetpack, but configuration is bizarre and then widgets and website is not prepared to it! PLEASE (and be aware that i love Elmastudio so much!!! =) ) give it a thought in setting this improvement! Notice it is not just a individual requirement, but I do believe it’s a must have in a shop theme, and I’m not he only one —-> http://themeforum.elmastudio.de/2016/01/13/mixed-themes/

My website: http://www.local.org.pt (sorry but i still didn’t manage to do it bilingual)


  • How does one center footer credits? it’s colliding with submit box.
  • How does one set website image, meaning, when I share the link of my website the image shared is the one from the last post, how can I set a specific picture or set of pictures to be shown?
  • another great improvement for an widget would be slideshow! by now i just used image widget and it’s doing fine.

viele danke