Hi there,

I’ve spent some time customizing the Onigiri theme and have a few questions regarding site responsiveness and displaying images properly for retina screens.

1. Something is not right with my site’s responsiveness. I’ve compared the original Onigiri live demo next to mine, and my project images do not arrange gracefully when the browser is being resized. The images bounce back and forth and sometimes overlap. In mobile view, all the images align left when they should be centered. Sometimes the project titles appear out of nowhere when they should be hidden. Everything seems just a bit off.

Website: http://www.mixmix.co

Could this be because of a customization made? Or something I accidentally activated/deactivated?

2. I searched in the forums for how to handle images appropriate for retina display and followed the advice from this post: http://themeforum.elmastudio.de/2015/10/20/retina-images-in-portfolio-and-blog. However, this did not work for me and I’m not sure why. Is there any more insight you can provide on how to handle images for retina screens for this theme?

3. Is there a way to keep the Header Image one size and not responsive?

Hope I’ve been clear with my questions and issues. Thank you for any help!