Hello We love your Namba theme but some…


We love your Namba theme, but some plugins does not play nice with the theme. The problems is that pages generated by the plugin does not have any margin at all.
One example is The event calendar from Modern Tribe: When the browser windows gets to small, then there is no margin at all – as on http://annasplads.dk/events/. Especially if one selects an event like http://annasplads.dk/event/julemarked-paa-fuglebjerggaard

Another example is Woocommerce. We know that other themes may be better suited to host a webshop, but my wife really would like to stay with Namba. Here again the problem of the missing margin spoils the layout, in this case sometimes even covering the divider line between left column and main content.
See http://annasplads.dk/produkt-kategori/butik/

Could you please advise if it is possible to make Namba play nice with plugins?