Hi I installed wpml and I am very impressed how easy it works with your themes. I had so much trouble with some themes from other companies. I would like to have a switcher similar to yours on the moka page (http://www.elmastudio.de/, I know that is a customization you made) but thought you may provide me with the location you put it in … I’ve put it in the header.php in its own

and it works but its either part of the nav bar or its floating around … so before going mad I thought I ask you if you would post your a) location in the header.php and b) may be the css … I am going to change it a bit, but it would be a good starting point.

Of course, I totally understand if you don’t do that.

All the best,

  • Marc (Support-Team) 3:44 pm on September 19, 2015 Permalink


    you can check out the source code of the Elmastudio website by right clicking on it and choosing (browser specific) something like “View Page Source”. You can find a DIV with the class “translate-wrap” below the sidebar DIV which can be copied into your header.php.

    With the inspector tool of your browser you can browse through the used CSS. Just right click on the buttons and choose “Element information” or “inspect element”.


    • kilikoi 9:37 am on September 23, 2015 Permalink

      Hi Marc,
      thank you for your answer – I have done that before asking you guys for your help of course ( I am not that lazy ;-)). but if I put the div code in the header.php it’s not in the right place I have put it under nav bar but then it becomes part of the nav bar, or I put it beneath than it becomes part of the header. but thank you I know that is beyond Support, I will just do a bit more try and error :-)

      All the best,