Dear Ellen & Marc,

I’m sure you know it’s Bolaji already. Now we have a beautiful shop theme. But we need to stock the shop now!
I have two sites using Zuki and Ubud. To use Weta as our shop theme, will I need to;

1. Create a Shop menu in those websites.
2. Construct the shops with Weta.
3. Link the Shop menu from those sites (Zuki and Ubud) to the Weta standalone shops.

Grateful if you would kindly take me through the steps i need to follow.
How do I download Weta. Not sure if the link to my theme bundle purchase is still active.
And lastly how do we collect the cash/money from customers after they’ve made payments with their cards?
I have a Paypal account but not sure if that might be helpful. Do we need to register with WooCommerce?
Thank you for all your support.