I’m sorry for my broken english, but english isn’t my main language.
I bought Zuki Theme a month ago. For one week, i’ve been trying to configure the design but two main problems remain.

  • When you add the recent post (background) widget, is it possible to change the color for one but not for the other. Let’s say that I have 3 recent post (background) widget. I would like to make the first one blue, the second one green and the third one blue. Is it possible to do it ? how ?
  • There is a space between the front page slider and the post content 1 and I this it’is too wide.
    What can I do to close the gap?
  • I would like to disable the fact that featured pictures are shown in the recent post (background) widget in the front page ? Is it possible ?

Thanks so much for your answers and your work,