I love your Moka design, bought it recenly for my self-hosted wordpress site. Since I have a question about default photos’ size and don’t know how to fix it. For now pictures in the post are 720 px, I guess – like here, on my site: http://www.oopssidedown.com/2014/10/watch-your-step-in-ronda-2.html

I have a travel blog and it’s important for me to post big photos as they are the main part of the page. I upload photos from Flickr, they are 1024 x 678 size (like this one: https://www.flickr.com/photos/113385806@N05/14908018309/sizes). What can I do to post pictures in the post with their actual size? I don’t want Moka to resize them and make them smaller as above.

Do you know how can I change posted photos width up to 1024 px? Is it possible?

Thank you in advance!

Good job, guys.