First of all thank you so much for the great work, I love all of your themes.
I am currently using Oita on my blog, but cannot seem to get either of the sidebars to work! I have gone through the documentation and bits of the forum, but it seems no one else is experiencing this problem…

I have dragged widgets to the sidebar areas, but when I click either of the sidebar ‘icons’ not much happens. The url changes to end with #menu or #sidebar, and when I scroll down and hit the menu one I get redirected to the top of the page, but that’s it! Nothing opens..

I know some but not much of html and have not changed anything in the html for the theme, nor am I currently using a custom CSS.

I have visited some of the other websites using Oita and all works there, so it doesn’t seem to be my browser (checked in both Chrome and Safari).

Any thoughts? Am I missing something? Many thanks!!