After using the theme for two weeks, I have realised few things.

1. The thumbnails on the front page loads the image file at 840px, increasing the time to load the website. Is there any way I can fix it? So that it loads similar display size thumbnails and is will be more effective.
2. When you click any category, or open the Blog Page to see all the posts, I want the posts to be shown in a more compact way, with small sized thumbnails, instead of full size images.
3. The 1200px wide pictures looks beautiful, but I want to change the size of the theme to 980px, so that the biggest image size is 960px. Is it possible?
4. There are no post formats available. I would appreciate one Gallery Post and Image Post Format added to it

The current theme is extremely beautiful but it would be amazing if you add a few more features to make it faster to load on snow speed internet connections.

Hope you’ll try and solve these problems.