Problem with Renkon Theme using IE10 and hopefully a solution for that

Hi all,

just downloaded the elmastudio themes and played around  a little with them.

Those are really some nice themes.

I just ran into a problem with the renkon theme when browsing the homepage with the IE version 10.0.6 (i didn´t try out other versions) and found a solution for that problem. At least i hope so. Just wanted to let you know what i did. By the way – Opera, Chrome, Firefox worked fine.

In IE the some images failed to show on the first page, when reloading the site. So i tried to view the demo on and had the same problem there.

IE seems to have a problem with the jquery masonry version, so i downloaded a newer version here:

Then i renamed the masonry.pkgd.min.js to jquery.masonry.min.js and uplaoded it to the js folder of the theme (did a backup of the original file first…).

Now it seems to work perfectly again.

If this is the wrong way to solve that problem – i am happy to read your suggestions how to do it in a better way.

Greetings from the cold and rainy Hamburg